Maxilim is a platform for assessing the head´s anatomy and for preoperative planning of maxillofacial surgery.

Maxilim helps you to give your patient the best treatment towards function but also towards aesthetics! Maxilim gives you a tool to ease communication with your patient!

The input information for Maxilim is a 3D dataset. (CB)CT data is usually the main source of information. However, also 3D surfaces as STL-files or 3D photographs as OBJ-files can be imported.
Maxilim is a software platform which enables you to combine different solutions. Maxilim approaches the maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist as a team.

Maxilim - 3D Patient enables you to create a 3D digital model of your patient in Maxilim.

Next you start planning the treatment: Maxilim offers solutions towards diagnostics, orthognathic surgery, distraction osteogenesis and 3D cephalometry.